lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

Ya estoy en Facebook/ I am in Facebook

Buen lunes y buenos días a todos! Al final me rendí, al final me apunté a Facebook. Hay un dicho en España (no sé si habrá uno similar en otros países probablemente sí) que dice: “Si no puedes con tu enemigo únete a él”…….y eso he hecho. Me inscribí el pasado 23 de Junio y hasta que me aclare y vea un poco de qué va aún lo tengo en “modo cuarentena”. Debo decir que el concepto “Facebook” de escaparate de la propia vida no me interesa ni lo voy a hacer pero es una herramienta útil de contacto social y la forma de conocer otros grupos de personas con intereses similares a los míos. Así, si os apetece, tenéis otra forma de poder contactarme, mi nombre allí es “Victoria Kyvic”. ¿Cuál es vuestra experiencia en Facebook? ¿positiva? ¿negativa? ¿no lo utilizáis?
Good monday and good morning everybody! In the end I surrendered, in the end I subscribed to Facebook. There’s a say in Spain (I don’t know if there’ll be a similar one in other countries probably yes) which says: “If you can’t defeat your enemy join him”…..and that’s what I’ve done. I subscribed last 23rd June and I still have it in “quarantine mode” until I know a little bit about it and see what it is about. I have to say that “Facebook concept” of making it a kind of shop window of one’s life is something I’m not interested the least and I’m not going to do it but it is a useful tool for having social contact and a way to meet other groups of people with similar interests to mine. So, if you like, you have another way to contact me, my name there is “Victoria Kyvic”. Which is your experience in Facebook? Positive? Negative? Don’t you use it?

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  1. my facebook page is for my family to see only - I don't like to have all my stuff out there for all to see. I am on two "private" quilt group pages where only they see your things that pertain to the group and one facebook quilt page that I thought was private and isn't. I'm not on it all that much.

  2. Hi Karen! I'm still an absolute novice in Facebook world but I love learning new things. The first days I didn't realise about the filters there are there so it was chaos then I activate them and I now that I have "only friends" is ok. Love!


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