miércoles, 18 de junio de 2014

Ikea abre tienda en Valencia / Ikea opens a shop in Valencia

Buenos días! Ikea abrió ayer su primera tienda en Valencia. No fui a la inaguración ni creo que vaya en unas semanas porque con eso de la novedad imagino que la tienda estará a reventar de gente pero tengo una curiosidad tremendaaa. Hace años estuve en dos tiendas Ikea: la de Murcia y otra en la provincia de Barcelona pero ¡al fin ha llegado a Valencia!. Me apetece ir a pasar el día y ver todas las novedades. Creo que también venden tela por metros así que, dependiendo de la calidad que tengan, puede ser otra opción para aprovisionarme de telas para futuros quilts (¡bieeen!). ¿Y a vosotros? ¿os gusta Ikea? ¿tenéis alguna tienda cerca de donde vivís?


Good morning! Yesterday Ikea opened their first shop in Valencia. I didn't go to the opening and don't think I'll go in some weeks because as any other novelty I guess the shop will be absolutely crowded but I have an enoooormous curiosity to see the shop. Some years ago I went to two Ikea shops: one in Murcia and the other one in the province of Barcelona but here it is in Valencia, at last!. I feel like going there to spend the day and see all new things. I think they also sell fabric per metres so, depending on its quality, it may be another place to buy more fabric for future quilts (great!). And you? do you like Ikea? do you have any shop near where you live?

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  1. we do not have an Ikea in my area - in fact the closest one might be more than 300 miles away from me! I have never been in one and would love to visit one and see what it is like. I always hear so much about them

    1. The closest Ikea shop to my city was more or less the same distance as you have yours. Years ago I tried to buy something online and they told me they didn't send any of their products to places further than x km away so Ikea shoppers had to go to any of their shops or patiently wait for them to open a nearer one. I'l write a post as soon as I visit the Valencia's one


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