viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Tutorial: Cómo convertir camisetas en cubre pantallas, cómo hacer una hortensia de papel y cómo hacer lirios de agua en tela / Turn shirts into lampshade covers, how to make paper hydrangeas and how to make fabric water lilies

Buen viernes! ya llegó el finde y para los valencianos hoy es casi el pistoletazo de salida para las Fallas (esas fiestas locales que "tanto" me gustan grrr) bueeno lo intentaré ver por el lado positivo porque estos días tendré tardes libres y por ello más tiempo libre para hacer las cosas que me gustan entre ellas escribir y dedicarle un poquito de tiempo a mi abandonado "Irish chain" quilt que hace ya ni sé el tiempo que no tengo tiempo para coser. Para los que no viváis aquí y tengáis por delante un finde para poder dedicar a hacer tutoriales aquí os dejo tres como cada viernes. Espero que os gusten y buen finde!

Good friday! another weekend has arrived and for the Valencians today is almost day 1 for the Fallas (those local feast I "love" so much grrr) weeell I'll try to see the positive side of it because during those days I'll have some free afternoons and therefore more free time to make the things I like among them writing and being able to dedicate some time to my abandoned "Irish chain" quilt that I can't even remember the last free moment I had to sew. For the ones not living here and having in front of you a lovely weekend to dedicate to make this crafts here you have three as every friday. I hope you like them and have a nice weekend!

Cómo convertir camisetas en cubre pantallas/coversTurn shirts into lampshade covers

Cómo hacer una hortensia de papel/How to make paper hydrangeas:

Cómo hacer lirios de agua en tela/How to make fabric water lilies:

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  1. I love your fabric lilies and will look at the tutorial they are so pretty. You must show a photo of your Irish Chain quilt in progress would love to see what you are doing :) have a great weekend!!

    1. I see those fabric lilies sewn on a quilt for example or glued on a canvas as a picture to have them on show or in a much smaller version as a brooch for spring and if I give it a thought or two I may have some other versions for it jajaja, just kidding!. I'd really love to take photographs of my Irish chain quilt if I had made any progress which I haven't.....for a month! no free time to spend on it but as soon as I make more progress I'll take photographs to show although my quilting is so simple, I'm just a complete novice. Thanks very much for your comment Karen. Kisses!


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