lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2014

Inspiración: Visita virtual a 10 preciosos apartamentos en París / Inspiration: Virtual visit to 10 gorgeous Paris apartments

Buen lunes! Si os nombro la ciudad de París ¿qué os sugiere? ¿moda? ¿romanticismo? ¿belleza? ¿historia? quizá alguna de todas esas cosas o una mezcla de todas. Nunca he estado en París pero la visita virtual a estos diez apartamentos me gustó tanto que pensé que sería buena idea compartirlo con vosotros, visitémoslos. Un abrazo de lunes para todos

Good monday! If I name you the city of Paris what does it suggest you? fashion? romanticism? beauty? history? perhaps some of these things or a mix of them all. I've never been in Paris but I liked the virtual visit to these ten apartments so much that I thought a good idea to share it with you, let's visit them. A monday hug to all

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  1. very pretty - I love the red couch shown in one photo

    1. HI Karen!. I can't remember right now who said this quote "Paris is always a good idea" perhaps Audrey Hepburn and by looking at the photographs they make you wish being there just for a short (or long) walk along those streets and squares. Who knows? One day. Love!


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